VITA1 Vitamin B12 - 60 lozenges 500 mg
February 10, 2021
VITA1 MSM capsules (365x 600 mg)
February 9, 2021
Weight 0.08 kg
Net content 80g
Manufacturer VITA 1
EAN 04251586900864
Manufacturer Fühldichwohl24
Form Lutschtabletten
Particularities vegan
origin Germany
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Vitamin B12

180 lozenges 500 µg

VITA1 Vitamin B12 lozenges (180 x 500 µg)
The essential vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 has various functions in your body. That is why we must ensure that the daily requirement is covered sufficiently. Of course vitamin B12 can be found in food. However, usable vitamin B12 is only contained in products or animal origin – in particular the heart, liver or kidney. But also eggs and milk contain B12. Plant-based foods only contain vitamin B12 in low quantities. Accordingly, especially vegetarians and vegans are risk groups of insufficient vitamin B12 intake. Furthermore, usually part of the vitamin B12 is lost when preparing food. Therefore a vegan supplement with vitamin B12 can make sense.

Vital instead of exhausted and tired!
Do you often feel exhausted or tired? Vitamin B12 helps to normalize your energy metabolism again. This reduces tiredness and fatigue, but also exhaustion. This effect is based, among other things, on the fact that vitamin B12 contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells. The red blood cells - erythrocytes - transport oxygen in the body. With a sufficient supply of oxygen throughout the body, you will become tired or weak less quickly.

Vitamin B12 lozenges from VITA1
With the B12 500 μg vegan lozenges from VITA1 you get a highly bioavailable vitamin in its naturally active form. The fruity fresh lozenges with lemon flavor melt in the mouth and are practical for on the go. Convince yourself of the excellent properties of methylcobalamin and the excellent quality of the product that we are offering you with a new recipe in which we rely on the natural sugar xylitol.

Dietary supplement via the oral mucosa
Lozenges tend to stay in the mouth longer than capsules or chewable tablets. As a result, the vitamin B12 can be absorbed directly through the oral mucosa and get into the blood faster - where it then also unfolds its effect. In addition, the vitamin B12 lozenges from VITA1 are easy and uncomplicated to take on the go - without water or measuring spoons.

Benefits of supplementing with vitamin B12 lozenges from VITA1
• VITA1 vitamin B12 lozenges supply your body with the active vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin
• VITA1 Vitamin B12 lozenges are manufactured exclusively in Germany under stringent production and hygiene regulations and laboratory-tested for pesticides, heavy metals, mould, E.coli, salmonellae and more.
• VITA1 Vitamin B12 lozenges are vegan, gluten-free, and do not contain chemicals, soy, GMOs or preservatives.
• With 500 µg vitamin B12 per lozenge you are getting a real power package!
• One can contains 180 lozenges. With a recommended daily dose of one lozenge, the can lasts a full six months.
• You can rely on absolute top quality of this dietary supplement. To ensure you are 100% satisfied, we will refund the full purchase price if the product is returned to us within 30 days. But you won't want to.

Vegan dietary supplement without unwanted additives
These 180 vegan lozenges from VITA1 can also meaningfully complement a normal diet as a high-quality dietary supplement for people who want to maintain a balanced diet or need to cut out critical nutrients due to health reasons:
• Dietary supplements for vegans
• Dietary supplements for vegetarians
• Dietary supplement without artificial preservatives
• Dietary supplement without artificial flavors
• Dietary supplements without colouring agents
• Dietary supplements without lactose
• Dietary supplements without gluten
• Dietary supplements without GMOs
• Dietary supplements without nuts
• Dietary supplements without alcohol
• Dietary supplements without soy

All about healthy living

With VITA1 we offer you preventive, healing and performance-enhancing vital substances for body, mind, soul and beauty. If you want to feel healthy, fit, relaxed and beautiful, you need VITA1, which contains vitality.

Reliable ingredients

Independent and certified laboratories continuously test VITA1 products for gentle, natural ingredients and adapted dosages. We deliberately avoid pointless fillers, harmful additives and unhealthy raw materials.

The first area of complaints is our physical ailments and to keep you feeling healthy we have made high quality specialty products that boost your immune system.